Selasa, 6 Januari 2015

Outpouring 2015

It feels centuries, I do not write or record a trip or even my story here .. not because of anything .. one of it of course busy .. then, adapt with the new place and even a lot of my stories saved in the draft .. hahahaha .. what to do .. my mind and soul is still locked .. the past still haunt me .. hehehe ..

After a few months I arrived here in this blessing land .. While adapting to the new situation .. but still remember the past that happened long time ago .. I still harbored my feelings and limit my socially because still overshadowed by the past and painful stories .. just what people always say .. better to be vigilant and cautious of wounded and injured again ..

However, the fate of the god nobody can prevent .. confidence and trust return again .. I have put my trust and confidence to these two people who I met here .. March 2012 .. I met them I had never thought that they will change my view .. but at the time, I still did not think that Allah had decided everything .. that is the destiny when the mind and soul is not parallel .. sometimes we try to change the destiny .. sometimes we do not believe though it was in front of the eyes .. so do believe that the mind and soul .. actually united and will remain united without hesitation .. even if we restrict the usage of the mind and soul .. oh yes .. in connection with two people that changed everything .. they AB and MG .. let me call them like this at this time .. because there are many stories that will be shared .. so wait .. wakakaka

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